about the event

What is C4?

C4, short for Competitive Combat Conditioning Course, was created to provide a proving ground for tactical athletes to test their skills, abilities, and readiness against competitors from all backgrounds. Military, LEO, and civilian shooters are welcome at C4. Athletes are broken into five divisions: Elite, Mens, Womens, Men’s Masters, and Scaled. The competition consists of a balance between functional fitness and tactical proficiency. This means the strongest competitors are fit and capable with their shooting abilities.

The Origin

During our Founder’s service to our great Nation, he spent countless hours on the range. It wasn’t uncommon for Nate to find himself competing in a combat conditioning course amongst his teammates for pride. Courses were set up to test physical and tactical proficiency, but always had the added benefit of pure fun. It’s this experience that has become the inspiration for C4.

Why is C4 different?

C4 embodies the definition of what it means to be a tactical athlete, weighing fitness and shooting abilities as a complete package. Other competitions available today solely focus on the individual’s ability to shoot and are typically very brief, never truly testing the shooter’s physical fitness, more specifically, the shooter’s ability to shoot with an elevated heart rate after rucking 1.5 miles, navigating obstacles with full kit, and moving significant weight. Not testing these abilities leaves a huge gap in the tactical athletic world. C4 bridges this gap.

What is a Tactical Athlete?

A tactical athlete is a person with the physical ability, stamina and strength to accomplish the mission when it counts, on the battlefield. Tactical athletes’ have the ability to shoot with an elevated heart rate and breathing rate. They maintain their shooting abilities after performing rigorous physical and mental activity. They possess the mindset of a warrior. Being a tactical athletes is a lifestyle. 



What Division should I Compete in?

There are five divisions to compete in:  Elite, Mens, Women’s, Men’s Masters, and Scaled. You should pick a division that will be competitive for you, one that pushes you to perform better, without sacrificing safety.


Our goal is to provide a fun and safe venue for tactical athletes to showcase their skills, abilities, and readiness. We bring a venue that fosters good spirited competition. We expect athletes to put their best foot forward, competing to win, but always showing good sportsmanship regardless of any outcome. 


This division is meant for athletes that are both highly fit and well versed with their shooting abilities. Elite division athletes understand their weapon systems well, are comfortable with shooting from unorthodox positions, know their holds, and are competent with manipulations. Elite athletes get extra reps, distance, and weight added to their engagements.  Use the Elite division benchmarks below to compare your fitness and shooting levels to help determine if you should be competing in the Elite division. If you do not feel comfortable with any of the benchmarks below or do not meet the minimums, you should not sign up for the Elite division.

fitness Benchmarks


Max push-ups in 2 min

Max sit-ups in 2 min

Max pull-ups (strict)*

1.5 mile run

3 mile Ruck ** 






11:30 min

54 min

Competitive Range 




8:30-10:00 min

45 min or less

*Cannot come off the bar once mounted.
**35 lbs rucking weight.

Athletes must be able to climb rope easily.
Athletes must be able to pull, drag, carry, up to 200 lbs for short distances.

shooting benchmarks

Athletes should be able to shoot an ISPC A Zone target with your primary weapon out to 50 yards easily.
Athletes should be comfortable with primary to secondary transitions.
Athletes should be comfortable shooting one handed.
Athletes should be comfortable shooting off-hand.

The BAER shooting standard: >9 seconds
Performed with your primary weapon at 7 yards and your secondary weapon at 5 yards.
Use link below to print a free target on a standard sheet of paper. 

BAER Target Link

Men 18-40 years old are welcome to compete in this division. Athletes in this division should have good fitness base and should be comfortable with their shooting abilities. Above all competitors must be safe with their weapon handling skills.


Women 18 years and older are welcome to compete in this division. Athletes in this division should have good fitness base and should be comfortable with their shooting abilities. Above all competitors must be safe with their weapon handling skills.

Men's Masters

Men 40 years old or older are welcome to compete in the Men’s Masters Division. If  you are over 40 years old, but wish to compete in the Elite or Men’s Divisions that is fine.


Men and Women 18 years old and older are welcome to participate in the Scaled Division. This division is designed for Athletes that want to participate in C4 with the freedom to skip portions of the engagements they do not feel comfortable performing without penalty. Athletes in this division may want to get a baseline for future events or may have combat related injuries that prevent them from performing certain activities but still love to get after it. Place trophies will not be available in the Scaled Division, but we will provide scores to individual athletes.

the ground rules

The Focus behind the Ground Rules 

1.) Safety. 
2.) Level the competition.

Our intentions are to test the athletes, not the athletes ability to buy expensive gear/weapons.

Basic Requirements

Athletes will wear full kit. Full kit includes a plate carrier, pistol belt, primary, and secondary weapons. Athletes must have the capability to carry 5 (primary) and 3 (secondary) magazines at even given time.

Gear & guns


Clothing and footwear is not specified, but you must wear closed toed shoes. We recommend you wear footing and clothing that can withstand the rigors of our engagements. Gloves and long pants are recommended. You will be on the ground and climbing rope, among other activities during the event.

Plate Carriers

You may wear any style carrier you wish. The only requirement is weight. Plate carriers must weigh a minimum of 12 lbs prior to loading magazines and ammunition. You do not have to wear plates. You must be able to carry the required load out. 



5.56mm/.233 AR platforms ONLY. 300 blackout is not permitted. 

AR rifles, AR pistols, and SBRs are welcomed at C4.


You may run a single optic of your choice. Choose wisely, you will not be permitted to switch optics throughout the day. This means you will run what you check in with, period. 

Back up iron sights are required. In the event your optic goes down, you must continue the engagement, this is where your iron sights come in. Two is one, one is none.


Slings are required. You may run any sling you wish, but you must be able to secure your weapon while performing any task asked of you during the engagements. Any weapon not secured properly may be grounds for a safety violation. A secured weapon is one that does not flop around. Consider a two point sling. QD multi point attachments are acceptable.

Muzzle Devices

You may run what ever muzzle device you wish, but you will run what you check in with. Legal Suppressors/cans are permitted. 

Athletes will not be close enough within shooting lanes to have any specific device affect a fellow competitor during the event. 


You may run whatever you wish as long as it is within the confines of the law. Hand guard, fore grips, etc are acceptable.


Athletes should bring 300 rounds. Standard ammunition is required. Light loads used to reduce recoil are not allowed. Match grade ammunition is acceptable. Ammunition with penetration capabilities are not permitted.  This includes armor piercing and green tip.


Semi automatic pistols capable of carrying 10 rounds minimum is the standard. 9mm, .40, or .45 are acceptable ONLY.


Iron sights ONLY. Night sights and fiber optics sights are acceptable. 


Standard and extended mags are acceptable.

Flashlights are acceptable, but not required.


Athletes should bring 200 rounds. Standard ammunition is required. Light loads used to reduce recoil are not allowed. Match grade ammunition is acceptable.


Major Safety Violations

Major safety violations are a huge deal. We have zero tolerance for major safety violations. Any negligence or violation of the general gun safety rules will be considered a major safety violation and will result in immediate disqualification. Other actions not directly mentioned that results in any athlete, judge, or bystander being put at risk of injury or death will result in immediate disqualification.

Failure to Follow Instructions

Athletes will be given specific instructions throughout the event and prior to every engagement. We encourage Athletes to ask any questions they may have to provide absolute clarity throughout the event and prior to any engagement. Athletes will have an opportunity to ask questions following the specific engagement instructions. It will be assumed that all athletes fully understand what is asked of them, unless they ask questions. Any athlete that accumulates three failure to follow instructions simply just doesn’t have their head in the game. A third failure to follow instructions will result in disqualifications. Examples are shooting out of sequence, running an incorrect or incomplete route, having the wrong load out, etc.

Competition Safety Rules
  • Athletes will load, make ready, and unload all weapons in front of a judge, on the range, when appropriate and outlined per each engagement’s specific instructions.  
  • Athletes will be required to move throughout each engagement. Weapon must be placed on safe prior to movement. 
  • Athlete will attempt to place primary weapon on safe prior to transitioning to secondary during engagements. 
  • Zero tolerance for muzzle sweeping of another athlete, judge, or bystander. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Zero tolerance for negligent or accidental discharges by an athlete. Doing so will result in immediate disqualification.
  • All weapons will be verified “clear and safe” by a judge at the end of each engagement prior to any athlete leaving the range.
Administrative Safety Rules
  • All weapons will be “clear and safe” unless directly being used by an athlete during an engagement (Only exceptions are Range Safety Officers). 
  • Athletes will maintain control/security of their weapons at all times, period. 
  • Any loss of a weapons will result in standing down the competition until the weapon’s location has been determined.

About the Founder of GreenFace

GreenFace was founded by Nate Rose, a former Navy SEAL, to bring fun challenging events to the front lines of the physical endurance and tactical industries.  

Nate joined the United States Navy directly following September 11, 2001 full of patriotism and purpose. He wanted to achieve the honor of serving his country alongside America’s best, in the SEAL Teams. It was during his service in the Teams that Nate’s passion for camaraderie, personal development, and building teams developed. A passion that would later become the foundation of GreenFace. 

Nate’s goal for each event is to provide a fun environment, full of competitive spirit, where people earn something by accomplishing something of significance.